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You Guys Spoil Me…

You Guys Spoil Me...

Really. You do.
I thought I’d share my stats. I’ve had hits on this blog every day except for one over the past month. I’m still in shock. Thank you guys 🙂 You really don’t know how special this makes me feel.




Yesterday’s Visitor

First of all, thank you guys for all ofthe love!!! You can’t begin to imagine how honored I feel whenever I get an email or a notification on my phone that someone is now following me or has favorited one of my few posts. I’m glad that I’m writing something that people enjoy reading!

As promised, here’s a picture of the deer that decided to hang near my dorm window.IMG_2221  Yeah, it’s not the best quality.  My apologies.  He’s standing about 5′ away from my room, and was staring at me as I took out my phone and took a couple pictures. I hope he hangs around and keeps me company a couple more times 🙂