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You Guys Spoil Me…

You Guys Spoil Me...

Really. You do.
I thought I’d share my stats. I’ve had hits on this blog every day except for one over the past month. I’m still in shock. Thank you guys 🙂 You really don’t know how special this makes me feel.




Early Morning Surprises

Well, this blog isn’t even 12 hours old, but this morning I thought, “Hey, I wonder how many people have seen this so far.” I knew a couple people read it since I posted it on the GWU freshman class page and I found Sherlock, Arrested Development and Doctor Who fans (hi guys!). I checked, and, well…
111 views as of 7 am EST.

This has been viewed 111 times.

Thanks for reading everyone! Still feel free to send me questions (the stranger the better) and I’ll answer them!

Peace Out!