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New Year, New Me

Happy Saturday (or whatever day you’re reading this), everyone! I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Holiday!

Mine was quiet.  Hung out with a lot of friends from high school New Year’s Eve, and stayed home New Year’s Day.  Nothing too special, but it was still very nice.

Anywho, tonight I was thinking about what I want to accomplish in 2014, seeing as it’s a year of firsts for me (first year as a legal adult, first year out of the public school system, first year I’m living mainly on my own, etc. ). Here’s what I came up with.  Let me know what y’all think-I love hearing everyone’s opinions!

  1. Lose Weight (aka “I need to lose more than the Freshman 15”)
  2. Get all A’s this semester and next fall (not that my grades this past semester were bad, they were just not pretty not where I want/need them for med school)
  3. Get my paper on Sherlock fan works and fan groups to the point where I can submit it to journals to possibly be published (because GOSH DARN IT I AM PROUD OF THAT PAPER AND I THINK IT’S PRETTY DARN INTERESTING)
  4. Actually submit said paper to journals to possibly be published (I am a habitual procrastinator)
  5. Possibly go to Philadelphia Comic-Con (because it’s my life goal to see Stan Lee in person!)
  6. Be happy (because we all deserve to be)

New Beginnings

Wow.  Apologies for not updating in over 2 months.  Life happened.  But that is then.  This is NOW!


So a quick update: I’m now at college, getting ready to start another school year filled with learning, knowledge, and other college-ish things!

I think the part I love most about college is that you have the chance to become the person you want to be.  You don’t have your parents trying to raise you to their standards. Instead, you have the chance to make your own decisions.  You want to go party all Sunday night, even though you have an 8 o’clock class the next day? Nobody’s stopping you.

But the freedom’s a double-edged sword.  For the first time in some people’s lives, they’re actually held responsible for their actions.  They don’t have mom and dad around to sort out the mess created by their mistakes.  Gone are the days of letters written to teachers explaining that there was “a misunderstanding” on a project’s due date.  For me, this isn’t a huge adjustment from how life was during high school.  I was held accountable for my homework, projects, and everything else, but I knew my parents were always available to help me figure out how to fix mistakes.   Being in college over 2 hours away from home, it’s different.  I have to learn how to be an adult and solve my own problems.  It’s a learning experience.

But I think I’m ready, though.  I’ve prepared to the best of my abilities, and I know that I don’t know everything.  I will make mistakes, and I will learn from them.  I know where I want to be down the road, and I know that, with hard work, I will be able to fulfill my dreams.

The only thing standing in my way is myself.



Until next time ❤