Things This Awesome Never Happen to People Like Me

Yes it’s only Thursday. Yes I’m probably jinxing it all by posting this. But, hey. I don’t really care! I’m having one of the greatest weeks ever!

But let’s go over what has happened so far:


  • Got my mid-term back in self defense (Yes, we had a written midterm.  It was on the science behind it, which is my jam): 90%!
  • Found out that we’re starting a unit on mental disorders in General Psychology on Wednesday (one of my favorite topics)


  • Registered for classes.  Got almost everything I wanted, and the class I couldn’t get actually allowed me to take a class that sounds much more interesting.
  • Got a quiz back in Latin that I thought I didn’t do well on but actually did super-well on 🙂
  • Was able to get approval to take concert band for credit next semester (I haven’t been in an ensemble since high school and I miss it so much)
  • Got a call from my dad that I won a $3500 scholarship for second semester.  That will cover anything I had to pay out of pocket with (I think) some left over!


  • Started talking about mental disorders in Psych.  So much fun (for me. Not for those diagnosed).
  • Had an interview for a volunteer program I want to do next semester.  I think I did well, but I’ll know next week!
  • Got a couple questions right in quiz team 🙂

Thursday (So Far):

  • My afternoon class is canceled.
  • I start concert band tonight 😀

Here’s hoping that my luck continues until tomorrow, when I find out whether or not I get a different volunteer position for this upcoming summer!





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