What Ever Happened to Saturday Night? (or “how to have fun in college without alcohol”)

I don’t drink.  The only alcohol I’ve ever had was communion wine, which doesn’t count because ours was diluted with water and we dipped the wafer in, which gave me less than an ounce of liquid.  I have no intention to drink until I am 21.  For me, if I get caught, all dreams of medical school basically go out the window, and I would have spent almost 14 years working towards something I could not ever have.  Plus, since I have no clue how I react with alcohol, I have this feeling that I might drink too much and make some really regrettable decisions that I would rather not have to deal with.

So, you may ask, what can I do if I don’t want to go to a party and get drunker than drunk? Answer: A lot of things! Here are a couple of my personal favorites:

1. Catch a movie/concert/theater performance

Yes, this seems like something you would do in high school.  But it’s still a lot of fun, and can be cheap (which is nice if you’re on a budget like I am).  Lots of schools occasionally offer free movie screenings (we showed Anchorman a couple of weeks ago and Hocus Pocus on Halloween), and local theaters may offer student discounts or student rush tickets for live shows.  School-affiliated performing arts groups also offer reasonably-priced or free tickets (i.e. $5 for a midnight showing of our one theater group’s performance of Rocky Horror Picture Show, complete with audience participation), and it gives you an opportunity to see the talent of your fellow classmates.  Also be on the lookout for special programs within venues that offer free tickets in exchange for volunteer work.  For example, I get free tickets to our one auditorium, and all I have to do is live tweet the event!

2. Hallway Jam Session

At least in my corner of the dorm building, we have a lot of guitar players.  Occasionally, one of them will break out their guitar, and we all will begin to sing along with whatever song is playing.  This is how I got to know a couple of my really good friends, and I love listening to them play while my door is propped open and I’m working on homework.

3. Pay Attention to On-Campus Activities

Yeah yeah yeah… I know.  I sound like someone who works with freshmen at the school.  But really, do pay attention to what’s going on.  We get an email every week about campus activities, and a lot of them are a lot of fun.  A group of us went to a Great Gatsby-themed party earlier tonight and had a blast! Everyone was dressed up (I was in my favorite heels), and everyone had a wonderful time.  The best part was that it was completely free and I didn’t have to go trek throughout the city in order to find the location (since it was right on campus)! Activities can range from dances to spelling bees to volunteer opportunities, and they’re great chances to get to know new people.

4. Call it a night in!

Really, who doesn’t enjoy an evening with your roommate(s) where you wear sweats, order food to be delivered, and just chill in the room?! You can watch a movie, make paper snowflakes (if it’s close to Christmas), and just have fun! Plus, you don’t have to dress up and act like you have to impress anyone!

Until next time 🙂


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