Oh Jeez….

Wow. Almost 200 views already…
Seriously. The highlight of my day today is going to either be this coffee I’m drinking right now (a cafe chocolate!) or a Costco run tonight. No lie.
But thank you for making me feel important!

Since I don’t have any profound words of wisdom at 8 in the morning, I figured I’d address a question that has been bugging me recently.

Why do people care about the Kardashians?

Seriously, though. They’re celebrities for doing WHAT now? Being famous? That makes no sense to me. Now if they actually did something impressive and I just don’t know about it, let me know so I can take back what I said. But as far as I know, they have done little for society except show off. I much rather see celebrities use their fame and do good things with it. Like Tom Hiddleston. Famous? Yes. Huge supporter of UNICEF UK? Yes. Uses his celebrity to gain support for the organization? Yes.
Those are the people that inspire me, no matter how much I enjoy watching some people crash and burn (you know who I’m talking about).

Sorry for the rant. Let me know I anything I said is incorrect and I’ll revise my statement.

Thanks guys 🙂


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